Irvington Lock & Locksmith Car Key Chip Irvington, NJ


Keys have evolved drastically. You might not pay heed to it, but have you taken a closer look at your ignition keys? These aren’t just ordinary keys. Bred out of the dire necessity to cut down incidences of vehicular theft, these are vital components to your security. How, you may ask? Drop by at any hardware store with your home key and you can get an exact replica made. Hand your ignition keys to the same person, and you’re likely to be turned down. These keys are simply built that way and are quite tough to duplicate. All thanks to the car key chips they carry.

What are car key chips?

Irvington Lock & Locksmith , we’ve got a dedicated team of automotive locksmiths with advanced programming knowledge and expertise in working with car key chips.


Duplication : A spare might come in handy in case you lost one set of keys. We can clone the existing copy and program the car key chip to allow seamless operation of your vehicle.

Replacements : Lost the key? After a collecting a few basic details from you and examining your vehicle, our experts can create an exact replica of the lost key.

Reconfiguration : If your key has been stolen, there’s a chance it might be used to operate your vehicle. Do not take chances! We can reprogram the entire system, erase the old key information and input a new one.

We’re available 24/7 in Irvington, NJ area and can develop new keys onsite at pocket-friendly prices. Call 973-512-5423 !