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With the security industry on a never-ending evolution to circumvent the efforts of modern day criminals, people have started to ditch the conventional and are embracing the new. No longer does a simple padlock suffice to keep intruders at bay. Today, with the advent of technology, there are innumerable high-end options one can avail and the same are being installed in both residential and commercial properties all around Irvington, NJ area. But there are some things that can never be forgone, despite how advanced and sophisticated the modern lock systems get – and that is the amazing versatility of an emergency master key lock.

Understanding emergency master key locks:

Irvington Lock & Locksmith Irvington, NJ 973-512-5423Unlike simplistic mechanical locks, these locks are in-built with various configurations that allow them to respond to different keys. One key will be unique to the specific lock and another is the master key that opens not just the particular lock, but also all the other locks in the set. Such multi-level access ensures that the lock can be opened at times of emergencies.

For instance, if there’s an unanticipated fire break-out and the owner is away, the building supervisor who holds on to the master can access the apartment and mitigate the risks associated. It doesn’t matter how advanced your property’s security system, if it isn’t equipped with emergency master key locks , it could all fall apart – and that’s why this system dons a crucial role in your security framework.

How is it done?

First, the level of access to be provided is established. Once the requirement is analyzed, all the locks are rekeyed to accommodate the new configuration. New keys are formulated for the same, and any old keys that were used to access the lock will no longer work, thus achieving enhanced key control and security, at the same time.

Call us for emergency assistance:

Is your master key lost? Did the emergency master key lock stop working? Such pressing security concerns demand swift assistance from an able locksmith – and that’s something you’re unlikely to get from an amateur. Call Irvington Lock & Locksmith ! We operate a 24/7 emergency response unit. No matter when you ring us up and request assistance, we’ll get there within 15-20 minutes. With extensive knowledge of master key systems, we can suggest and implement appropriate solutions on-the-spot. We can rekey the entire system, make new master keys, fix locks and more.

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