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You’re driving on a freeway well past dusk and your car seems to be stalling for no reason, the lights within go dark and the radio refuses to turn on. No, we aren’t narrating the premise of a horror movie and we assure you that there’s nothing paranormal going on here; the only thing wrong is with the ignition system of your vehicle. If you’ve confirmed a faulty ignition switch, it calls for an ignition change. Assuming your vehicle is still drivable, you can take it to the nearest repair shop, if not, there’s a better, more convenient option – call Irvington Lock & Locksmith.

How do I know I need an ignition change?

Irvington Lock & Locksmith Irvington, NJ 973-512-5423Correct identification of the problem is necessary. Most ignition system issues mask themselves as other problems. When the car doesn’t start, most people will try replacing the car battery, but that is not likely to help. In most cases, the engine cranks but doesn’t start. Perhaps, there’s no spark due to a faulty ignition module that’s preventing the engine from starting. In other cases, a malfunctioning key will fail to disable the immobilizer, which requires only the key to be replaced and not the whole system.

How can a locksmith help?

True, our forte isn’t exactly dealing with a car’s mechanical issues, but when it comes to tackling any issues with the ignition system, we’re quite the experts! While a faulty ignition system seems like it should be under the purview of a mechanic, in actuality, it is an issue with your lock. Both the ignition switch and cylinder are needed for the system to work properly. Also, mechanics rarely offer mobile service, and you’ll find yourself paying a hefty sum to get the vehicle towed. Locksmiths can arrive on location, fix faulty systems, and if the system is beyond restoration, they can carry out an ignition change.

Get feasible, mobile solutions

Did your car break down in the middle of nowhere? We’ve got an extensive network across Irvington, NJ area and no matter where you are, you can always count on us for assistance. We carry all the tools needed and the necessary components needed to carry out an ignition change in our vans. Also, we don’t add any convenience fee, nor levy any hidden charges. A flat, upfront and reasonable price is what you’ll get from us.

For all your ignition-related woes; we’ve got the right solution. Call us on 973-512-5423 !